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Sorry, but I Gotta Brag!

August 4, 2008

  Pardon me, but it’s family bragging time. My niece’s son just made Eagle Scout so I have a right. I am not just bragging about Schafer Gray, though I am indeed proud of him, but also his parents, Janet Sue and Gordon Gray.


   When you see a young man getting his Eagle Scout Badge, you see not only him, but the mom and dad who raised him, who influenced him to be not only an achiever, but to be an honorable, caring contributor to society.


  All of the four Troop 11 scouts who were awarded their Eagle Scout Badges at a ceremony at the Smyrna United Methodist Church this week had to work hard to earn those badges. Besides all of the merit badges they had to earn to become an Eagle Scout, they all had a special project.  Also, they put in many hours of public service doing such things as tutoring young children and building handicap ramps.


  You can usually count on most Eagle Scouts to do well in life. Just look at this list of some famous Eagle Scouts: TV news legend Walter Cronkite, actor James Stewart, Georgia U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, Indiana U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, movie Producer/Director Steven Spielberg, U.S. President Gerald Ford, business leader and former candidate for President H. Ross Perot, Astronaut James Lovell, and Harrison Salisbury, Pulitzer Prize winning Author.


  Yes, I was a Boy Scout, but I never came close to being an Eagle, but it was a valuable and enjoyable experience. Congratulations to Schafer, David, Zack and Matt!    


Eagle Scouts Zach Hofmann, Schafer Gray, David Thomas, Matt Simpson

Eagle Scouts Zach Hofmann, Schafer Gray, David Thomas, Matt Simpson




 Gordon, Schafer and Janet Sue Gray

   Gordon, Schafer, and Janet Sue Gray