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My Garden

February 2, 2009

Some time ago I made the statement that, while I can’t promise a post every day – blogging is not my life – I would always make an effort to post something new on Mondays.  This Monday, there are a number of weighty issues I could get into,  especially with the legislature going back into session, but that would take a lot of energy,  and this epic chest cold I have isn’t leaving an abundance of that for anything but fighting it;  therefore, this Monday it’s going to be light and personal.

As I said, blogging isn’t my life.  For instance I am gardening now.  My second crop is coming in so I thought I would show it to you.  My first crop was herbs, and this one is varieties of lettuce, including Romaine.  The crop is not fully grown yet,  but will be ready for harvesting soon.

My hydroponic lettuce crop

My hydroponic lettuce crop

I can’t say that my gardening takes a lot of time and energy,  but the results are dependable and impressive.  The hydroponic garden was a Christmas gift (not this Christmas) from my niece Janet Sue Gray,  her husband Gordon, and their three sons.  It just keeps on giving.