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Memories That Lead to Memories, Specifically Indy’s, the Varsity, and the Goo-Goo

November 26, 2008

  Richard Hyatt’s mention of Indy’s Restaurant’s imminent closing, brought back memories of the two Varsity Restaurants on Macon Road.  Richard wrote in his alter-ego state, “Mirabeau plans to get by Indy’s Restaurant for one final steak sandwich. The longtime establishment on Whitesville Road is closing soon.” 

 If my memory serves me well, the owners of Indy’s first owned the Varsity Restaurants.  No, not the world-famous one near Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The first one in Columbus was where Captain’s Dee’s is now located next to the I-185 ramp. That one was in the old Goo- Goo Restaurant tradition. (See how one memory leads to another.) Much of my youth was spent at the Goo- Goo, the late Albert Snipes’ restaurant on Linwood Boulevard, particularly in the drive-in section.  My parents took me there before I was old enough to drive there myself. Loved to get a hot dog and chocolate milk. Stop moaning. The Varsity also had a drive-in.  Just as high school kids gathered at the Goo Goo, they gathered at the Varsity. I don’t know why, but there very little trouble at the Goo Goo in the 1940’s and 1950’s,  but the Varsity, I was told, had more than its share of hell-raising teenagers. The owners closed the first one and moved a couple of blocks west. Seems that one developed the same problem, and the drive-in section was finally abandoned.

  However, the restaurant didn’t close until the move to Whitesville Road as Indy’s.  I ate  at the Varsity a lot, but not nearly as much as my parents and brother. They ate there at least once a week. My brother’s favorite dish in the world was the Varsity’s open hamburger steak sandwich, which was topped with a rich brown gravy.  I liked it, too, but not as avidly as Elbert. It was food in the grand old tradition of Southern Cooking. 

  Now, with Indy’s on the way out, where will we be able to get that good old Southern Cooking?  Well, have you ever heard of the Royal Cafe? But, that’s another story for another day.