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Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Honors Five “Volunteers of the Year”

June 10, 2010

By Jim Shehy, Volunteer Coordinator,
Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

Columbus, GA – (CVL news release) The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries have always appreciated their volunteers.  Men and women of all ages give their time and talent to the Library system in order to contribute to their community and assist in making the public Library a vital community resource.  For the past several years one very deserving and very dedicated volunteer is honored with the title “Volunteer of the Year.” 
On Monday, June 14, the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries will commemorate their previous five adult Volunteer of the Year honorees by installing tree dedication plaques in their honor.  Past recipients Paul Argue (2005), Carolyn Smoot (2006), Charles Batastini (2007), Frank and Donna Doyle (2008), and last year’s 2009 recipient Art Halouska will each be recognized with a commemorative inscription and tree dedicated to them along the Columbus Public Library Campus.
“Volunteers give so much to the Library System,” notes Jim Shehy, Volunteer Coordinator.  “They are extremely important men and woman; you can always count on our volunteers to have a smile and lend a hand whenever needed.  I don’t know what we would do without them!”
 All Library volunteers are recognized during National Volunteer Week each spring and the 2010 Volunteer of the Year honoree will be announced at the Libraries’ annual volunteer recognition luncheon held each fall.  Stop by the Columbus Public Library and see just one of the ways Chattahoochee Valley Libraries show their support and appreciation to their volunteers.
If you wish to become a volunteer or for additional information about the volunteer program at the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries, please contact Jim Shehy at the Columbus Public Library (706) 243-2674.

Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgia

A Little Help from the Library’s Friends

September 6, 2008

  The Chattahoochee Valley Library System gets a lot of help from its Friends, all 203 of them. For instance, The Muscogee County Friends of the Libraries today sponsored a luncehon honoring the 350 volunteers who serve the libraries.

Columbus Public Library Volunteer Celebration Luncheon

Columbus Public Library Volunteer Celebration Luncheon

  Those attending the luncheon were given certificates of appreciation, and learned that the 2008 Volunteer of the Year was a tie. The award went to the husband and wife team Frank and Donna Doyle who put in a lot of time helping the Genealogy Departmnet. They’ll  get their certificate when the come back from vacationing in Alaska.

Columbus Public Library Volunteer Celebration Luncheon

Columbus Public Library Volunteer Celebration LuncheonColumbus Public Library Volunteer Celebration Luncheon

  Meanwhile, some more friends of the library, Bettye and Cecil Cheves, presented a statue to the Children’s Department, in honor of their mother and mother-in-law Olivia D. Amos, who was the wife of the late Aflac executive Bill Amos. Aflac sponsors the Children’s Department.

Susie Chisholm, Bettye Cheves, Cecil Cheves

Susie Chisholm, Bettye Cheves, Cecil Cheves

  Bettye Cheeves told the children attending the unveiling of the statue, which is titled “Quiet Time,” that her mother had always stressed to her when she was a little girl how important it is for all of us to have some quiet time every day.
Bettye Cheves

Bettye Cheves

  The statue was sculpted by Susie Chishom of Savannah. She told us that the young girl who posed for the statue didn’t like the way the sculptor had her sit in the chair, that she wasn’t comfortable that way. So, the sculptor decided the girl knew more about the way she sat so she let her pose that way for the statue.

"Quiet Time" by Susie Chisholm

  It was made clear to the children that it’s all right to touch the statue. In fact they were encouraged to rub the girl’s toe, saying it would, over time, make the toe turn golden and shine. No one said it should be touched for good luck.  Susie Chisholm asked me, “Are  you going to start that rumor?” Not me.