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Columbus Audience Applauds Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln

November 18, 2012

   We are fortunate indeed to have someone like Steven Spielberg who will use his extraordinary talent and Hollywood clout to produce truly important movies, evergreens like Saving Private Ryan,  Schindler’s List, and, now, Lincoln. Lincoln is basically about our 16th president’s challenges in getting Congress to approve the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, the one that ended slavery in the United States. It is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Pulitzer Prize-winning  biography Team of Rivals.

It’s not often that an audience will applaud a movie.  After all, the actors and others responsible for the film can’t hear the applause. It happened when Lincoln ended at the showing I attended. I could understand why.  It was that good.  I was quite moved by it, and I won’t be surprised if Daniel Day-Lewis gets an Oscar nomination for his performance as the American president who is usually rated by most historians as the second most important United States president.  George Washington usually gets the nod for number one and Franklin D. Roosevelt for number three.

   It is hard to watch the movie and not reflect that only 147 years ago our country allowed the slavery of African-Americans, and now we have just reelected an African-American President.   

I definitely recommend both Lincoln and Team of Rivals.

Podcast: Honest Abe and the Fourth of July

July 4, 2008

  Since the 4th of July is a very special holiday, I thought I would do another podcast. Gotta stay in practice, you know. This time, we’ll look at what our 16th president has to do with the Fourth of July. Just click on the link below. It might take a few seconds to download.



Did you know that it has been estimated by the Library of Congress that more books have been written about President Lincoln than anyone but Jesus? Let me recommend one: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It’s about how Lincoln appointed a cabinet of men who had wanted his job, but lost to him. He knew they all had powerful egos, that they would be at odds with each other, and with him. But, he knew they were brilliant and wanted to use their abilities. He used their competative dynamics to his advantage. He didn’t want a bunch of yes men on his cabinet. He wanted them to tell him the truth. It is a fascinating study. I really enjoyed it.