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Making America’s Olympic Team Uniforms in China Highlights Extent of Outsourcing Dilemma

July 14, 2012


Maybe the news that uniforms for America’s Olympic team were made in China will help American shoppers understand that  they hold the key to stopping the flow of  jobs to incredibly cheap labor countries.

A story in the AARP magazine gives hope. There are stores springing up that only stock American made products. One is Norton’s U.S.A  in Barrington, Illinois. Another is Made in America in Alma, New York.  Business keeps getting better for them. 

A Perception Research International survey shows that consumers “50 through 64 say ‘Made in the USA’ labels influence their purchases.” 81 percent of people 50 through 64 buy American because they believe it helps the economy.

Let’s hope many more stores that sell only American made products go into business. I don’t know of any in the  Columbus-Phenix City area. If there are some that you know about, let me know.  However, you can still buy American online at sites such as and

So maybe some of the American made items cost a little more because some companies pay their employees a living wage.  Henry Ford paid his assembly line workers well because he wanted them to be able to buy his cars. People have to make money in order to be able to spend it on goods and services.

It may be hard to find things made in America because businesses are not in business to create jobs, but to make a profit. They will pay attention, though, if you go next door because that store sells stuff made right here in the good old U.S. of A.