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“Zorro” is Worth the Drive to Atlanta

April 28, 2013

And that is especially true if someone else is doing the driving, which is what happened Saturday as some 50 members of the Columbus Academy of Lifelong Learning traveled on a CSU bus to the Alliance Theater.

We had a great time, not only because “Zorro” is a highly entertaining and exciting musical, with some of the best and most exciting staging I have ever seen, but because of the company.  CALL folks enjoy not only learning in classes that have no tests and no required home work, but also in doing special things together.

“Zorro” plays through May 5th, so if you want to see it, you only have a few days left.

Do I recommend it?  Definitely! It is a hoot!


“In The Mood” put me In the Mood to Go to the RIverCenter More

February 25, 2013
CALL group touring the RiverCenter

CALL group touring the RiverCenter

In the Mood really put me in a good mood yesterday afternoon at the Bill  Heard Theater at the RiverCenter.  I enjoyed the tribute to the big band era of the 30s and 40s, not only because it was the popular music of my youth, but because of the top-notch performances of the orchestra and the singers and dancers. 

As you would imagine, the audience was made up of Columbus area seniors.  And there were a lot of them there.  I was glad to see that because some shows are the RiverCenter aren’t attracting large crowds.  This one did, and the audience loved it.

I think I enjoyed it even more because, along with my fellow members of the Columbus Academy of Lifelong Learning, I had just attended the RiverCenters’ backstage tour.  It was truly interesting to see all of the stuff that goes on to present a big show.  Just standing on the orchestra pit elevator as it was lowered and raised in front of the gargantuan stage and seeing how it worked with a unique set of jacks was worth the time spent on the tour.  

It is truly a wonderful facility with its three first-rate theaters, the Studio Theater for smaller intimate productions, Legacy Hall for mid-sized concert events – Professor Joseph Golden played a fanfare he wrote on the million-dollar Jordan organ for us –  and the world-class Bill Heard Theater that rivals anything in New York.

The largest share of money to support the operation is from ticket sales.  I hope you’ll do your self a favor and enjoy some of the shows, and support the facility in the process.

The famous Gilbert and Sullivan comic operetta The Mikado plays the BH Theater on March 2nd.  It will be performed by the New York Company, a full-fledged production with a 17-piece orchestra.  The Mikado is one Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operettas.  It is touted to be a very colorful production, set in Japan, but it really satirizes Victorian Britain institutions. I plan to be there.  Hope you will join me. 


“100 Years of Broadway” was Boffo!

April 14, 2010

Here’s an email that Milton Jones sent that I decided I’d pass along to you:

If you like show tunes and were not at RiverCenter last night (Tuesday), beg, borrow or steal tickets to Wednesday night’s show of 100 Years of Broadway.  5 truly great voices singing all of the favorites.  Jeanette and I enjoyed it as much as anything we have seen down there, and the audience was the most enthusiastic I have ever been in anywhere.   The standing ovation went on so long they were literally begging us to sit down so they could do the encore and still people were up applauding and shouting.

I was there, and he is totally accurate in his report, and he is right about your not missing tonight’s show if you like the great show tunes of the last 100 years on Broadway.  

Also,  take a grandchild, nephew, niece or any kid you love with you.  The piano player/emcee asked the silver-haired audience to start doing that to expose youngsters to the great show music of yesterday and today. He said that if we don’t, the form will die. That would indeed be a shame.