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NCR Brings More Jobs Home to America as it Moves into a Second Plant in Columbus

March 28, 2012

My iPhone shot of Rick Marquardt, NCR VP of Global Operations, spewkaing to members of the Rotary Club of Columbus

What stood out was seeing a powerful corporate executive become emotional when he told of how plant employees came up smiling to shake his hand, some even crying, as they thanked him for providing them jobs.  “That’s what it’s all about,” said Rick Marquardt, Vice President of Global Operations for NCR, who spoke to Columbus Rotarians today, the day he came back to town to announce the opening of a second plant in Columbus. NCR has leased the new building that Cessna was going to use but decided against it when the economy went sour.

Columbus is NCR’s only manufacturing facility in the United States. Since opening in Columbus, the plant has manufactured 25,000 ATM machines and also makes other business machines here. The corporation’s decision to bring some manufacturing jobs back to America got national attention, but he cautioned that we shouldn’t expect a lot of firms to do that. That’s sad. Still, we can be thankful that some are doing it and one as large and as successful as NCR  picked Columbus to do it. Marquardt said Columbus was chosen because of the enthusiastic and broad support it got by Columbus business leaders when deciding on which city to start making things in the U.S.A. again.


NCR CEO and Chairman Nuti Has the Right Idea

June 3, 2009

I liked what the chairman and CEO of NCR said about bringing manufacturing back to America.  Chuck Williams reported in the Ledger-Enquirer that NCR is moving its national headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to the Atlanta area and opening an ATM manufacturing plant in Columbus that will eventually bring more than 800 jobs to the Columbus area.   He quoted Bill Nuti  as saying “We are returning manufacturing to America. We are creating jobs, and as a company we have the courage to do it in America.”  May your tribe increase Mr. Nuti.  That’s the kind of spirit we need.