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PIC QUIZ on Dick’s World Again

January 26, 2012

I’ve decided to give you another sample of my PIC QUIZ that I post on Facebook. Who knows, maybe a blog reader might come up with an answer before someone on Facebook. If you know the answer, just click the “comment” button below the post and write it in.

If you can tell me what this is and from where it was taken, you’ll be the proud winner of the ATTAGIRL or ATTABOY, or if it takes more than one person to come up with the whole answer, the ATTATEAM AWARD!

If you click on the picture, a larger version will come up on your screen.

The Latest PIC QUIZ Winner is…

December 24, 2011

Jim Thorsen, who gets the  ATTABOY AWARD for correctly identifying that I was standing in front of Westminster Palace (home of the U.K. Parliament) in London, and that the statue behind me is Oliver Cromwell.  Congrats, Jim!  

When in London

December 24, 2011


You can probably easily guess where I am standing, but can you guess who that is behind me? How do you like my Brit hat? Right after arriving in London, I went to a department store in Kensington and, deciding that I wanted to fit in, not look “different,” and bought what I considered to be an English hat. Once I went out on the street, I noticed no one was wearing a hat like mine, and most people were wearing American style baseball caps, and a lot were wearing jeans.  It appears all I needed to do to fit in was to dress “American,” because that’s the way everyone except the bobbies and guards at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle were dressing.

London was a lot of fun. The folks I met there were quite friendly. Being a really big city, I am sure there are plenty a person wouldn’t want to meet, but fortunately that was not my experience.

Brad Doughertry Says Stone Mountain

December 24, 2011

He is right, and now the winner of the famous ATTABOY AWARD for getting the right answer to our PIC QUIZ.

And the PIC QUIZ Winner is…

December 22, 2011

Linda Herron Hagberg is our ATTAGIRL AWARD winner for correctly identifying the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle.  She did call it a palace, but that’s close enough. Below is not the bagpipe band we showed in the quiz pic, but the pal…er…castle.

PIC QUIZ on Dick’s World

December 21, 2011

Milton Jone has suggested that I also put the PIC QUIZ on this blog as well Facebook. I told him I would see how much trouble that would be and if not too much, I would do it. So this is a test of how much trouble it would be.

What’s ths and where (more than just the country) is it?

The winner gets the ATTABOY or ATTAGIRL AWARD.

PIC QUIZ pictures are for the most part those that I took over 56 years, starting back in 1955 when I bought my first 35mm camera in Munich, Germany, where I was stationed when in the Army.

Having Fun with Facebook: PIC QUIZ

December 20, 2011

It took me a little while to really get involved with Facebook. I thought, I have a blog  and I have email so why should I fool with Facebook?  Still, I kept hearing so much about it from people I know that I decided to give it a try.  Now, it turns  out I’m having fun with it with my PIC QUIZ.

I submit one of the photos I took over the past 56 years and ask folks to see if they can identify it.  I do this, so far, on most days, but I can’t promise every day  because sometimes I have other things to do.

My first photo dates back to when I bought my first 35mm camera.  I had just arrived in Germany in 1955 courtesy of the United States Army and decided I couldn’t pass up  the opportunity to record what I saw in Europe.  Here’s the pic and the declaration of who won.

PIC QUIZ WINNER IS SUE NELSON. She guessed that it is one of the Munich, Germany city gates. It’s the Isartor gate. The center tower was built in 1337, and the octagonal towers in the 15th century. Congratulations, Sue. ATTTAGIRL!

Yes, as you can see, there is a prize. The winner gets the  ATTAGIRL or ATTABOY AWARD,  and sometimes when it takes a bunch of people to come up with the answer, the ATTATEAM AWARD.

The second one was when I was on leave in Italy.

And the winnah is…Dixie Close Turman. She correctly identified Mt. Vesuvius and wins the ATTAGIRL AWARD for PIC QUIZ #2. Congratulations, Dixie. I took the picture on a tour of some of Italy when I was on Army leave in 1956.  

Not all of them will date back that far.  Here’s my latest one.

… and the PIC QUIZ winnah isssss…..Keith Lovett, the first person to correcltly identify the picture of a London Eye capsule.
That one was taken on a 2004 visit  to London.  I’ll have a new one soon. If you’d like to play, just come to my Facebook wall (profile) and join in.