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Political Presentation: It’s How That You Do it

January 2, 2012

As I watched Rick Santorum speaking in Iowa on CNN – refreshingly in long form which gave me a good chance to observe his communicating technique – I had to reflect on presentation, how he said what he said.

First of all, he is good. He can communicate in a natural, conversational, reasonably sounding style, with body language to match. He is much more likable than most of the other Republicans campaigning in Iowa. Likeability is an important factor. It’s a major reason that Barrack Obama is President of the United States. I have even heard some Republicans say they like him as a person, just not as a president.

However, as I listen to what former Senator Santorum was actually saying, I realized beneath his veneer of family values warmth, which puts him in good stead with the Christian right, and probably will help him considerably in South Carolina, is an ideologue who wants America to stay on a course to create an empire, and to stay militarily aggressive.

He put Ron Paul in the same boat with President Obama when it comes to staying at war. He accuses the president of pulling back from military involvement. He said all this in a very reasonable talking-over-the-backyard-fence-to-a-neighbor style. But, the message I got is he is a pro-military-industrial-complex, mega-defense-spending candidate.

He accused President Obama of taking America on an anti-empire course, and said we need to observe the dissolution of the world-dominating British Empire when it became more interested in domestic welfare than empire. That told me that he wants an even larger American Empire. To do that a country does have to maintain a huge military machine and use it to control and expand its empire.

What I can’t understand is why he is just emerging as a candidate to be seriously considered. Why do the polls show him now ahead of New Ginghrich? What’s going to happen in South Carolina where he is being touted as a strong contender because of his Christian right credentials? Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he, not Santorum, is going to win in South Carolina. After seeing what is now happening in Iowa, I’m not so sure Newt is right.

Both of them have a big problem. They don’t have the organization or the money that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney or Congressman Ron Paul has. They also have another big problem. Are they electable?  Satisfying the Republican right-wing Christian fundamentalist base is one thing. Overcoming a newly energized, well-financed and organized, accomplished debater Barrack Obama, is quite another.


Why Politics Top the TV Ratings

September 5, 2008

  What’s hot on TV right now?


   Speeches by Barack Obama, Sara Palin and John McCain have attracted more viewers than the Olympics opening ceremony and the American Idol finale.

Sen. Barack Obama

Sen. Barack Obama


Sen. John McCain

Sen. John McCain

  The same reason that Americans tuned in by the millions to hear what President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to say in his fireside chats during the Great Depression. They are now paying attention to what the politciains are doing because of what they have done to them. Their lives are directly being affected by the state of the economy, the high price of gasoline and food, incomes that are not keeping up with inflation, jobs being sent overseas, illegal immigration, and an unpopular war that is siphoning off billions of dollars that could be spent at home,  

Gov. Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin

    Too bad they wait until things get so bad before they really start paying attention. But, the fact is, they now are.

Sen. Joe Biden

Sen. Joe Biden