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December 4, 2013


When an Alabama  football fan allegedly kills another fan because she made light of Alabama losing to Auburn, it raises the question of why people take a sports game so seriously. 

If you are making $7 million a year for coaching a team, as does Alabama’s Saban, you perhaps have reason to be concerned.  But, how many people are doing that?

A lot of people are having a rough time economically these days.

Healthcare and education costs are going through the roof.

America is ranking lower and lower among the developed countries of world in education, to say nothing of the fact that Georgia and Alabama are ranked near the bottom in the country.

Our country is still involved in its longest war in its history. 

Our country’s infrastructure is deteriorating.

And yet, taxpayers are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to build sports stadiums for private businesses. Papers like the Ledger-Enquirer are giving banner headlines to the outcome of a football game. The font size of the headline on Auburn beating Alabama was probably as large as the one proclaiming the end of World War II.

What the hell is going on?