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The New, Electronic Face of Education

October 23, 2011


Can the Facebook, Twitter, Texting, video game generation concentrate enough to become adequately educated for the future?  At the Unitarian Fellowship of Columbus service today, retired CSU History Professor Mark Berger raised that question to MCSD retired teacher and Media Specialist Connie Ussery, who. in her retirement instructs Carver High teachers in using electronic media to teach. The school is transitioning to digital textbooks.  Some teachers, she says, are making the transition, others are hanging on to paper textbooks.

Connie acknowledged the problem of attention spans shortening with constant bombardment of our young people’s brains by fast changing electronic media stimulation, and said the huge amount of time students spend looking at two-dimensional electronic images is definitely affecting the brains of young people. However, she says it has to be effectively used because electronic media images are here to stay and will probably increase.

And to think, I still read paper books, but I  do get my daily Ledger-Enquirer electronically.  

Why Just Teenagers?

July 1, 2010

It’s too bad the Georgia legislature made it against the law for only 16 and 17-year-old drivers to use their cell phones while driving.  It’s not a safe practice at any age.   I suppose the reason the legislature didn’t ban it for those over 17 is that anyone 18 and above can vote.

However, the lawmakers were brave enough to ban texting for everyone.  While kids seem to text all the time, it appears adults are quite addicted to it also.  I just saw a report on CNN about parents who are ignoring their children because they are so wrapped up with smart phone texting and emailing. The reporter said physical presence is not enough. You have to be there mentally for your kids too.

Both laws were necessary, but the one that bans driving while talking on a cell phone should not just be for teenagers.