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When Will Columbus Produce Another Carson McCullers, or Nunnally Johnson, or Augusta Evans?

August 17, 2009

When you think of internationally famous authors from Columbus, Georgia, three names jump out at you:  Carson McCullers,  Augusta Evans, and Nunnally Johnson.  Who will become number four?  Maybe it will be someone who attends the upcoming Chattahoochee Valley Writers’ Conference, also known as CVWC,  which will be held at the Columbus Public Library September 24th through the 26th.  Full disclosure: I am a new member of the CVWC steering committee.   

Both Nunnally Johnson and Carson McCulllers are being remembered at the conference.  There will be a Nunnally Johnson Film Festival featuring four of his famous movies, and a mixer at the Carson McCullers Center.   Nothing is planned for remembering Augusta Evans.  That doesn’t mean she won’t be mentioned somewhere.

The writers conference features workshops for authors,  talks by sucessful authors,  and writing contests, among other things.   I’ll have more on that and a look at the impact on the world by Carson McCullers, Nunnally Johnson, and Augusta Evans right here.  Stay tuned.