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Another Democrat Wins an Important Columbus City-wide Election

December 1, 2010


Her political foes tried to paint Teresa Tomlinson as a Democrat. Well, she is. She is a member of the Muscogee County Democratic Party.  But, she was in a non-partisan election so she didn’t emphasize party.   Since she didn’t just win, but won in a landslide, she obviously knew what she was doing.

To win that big she had to have gotten a lot of Republican votes.  Fortunately, people don’t always vote because of party affiliation. Her husband Trip said that while he and Teresa have supported some Democrats, they have also supported Republicans, depending on who was running for a particular office. And, I do admit that I have, over time, done the same thing.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer story about her win, she told well wishers at her election headquarters last night to look around. She wanted them to notice the diversity of the people there, and she said that is the way Columbus is now, and that a new day in politics has been born.   Let’s hope it gets a good upbringing. I’m sure she’ll work to make that a reality, but, as she will soon learn, she’s just the mayor. Council and the City Manager will have a lot to do with raising that baby, also.