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The Springer Company Kept “Inherit the Wind” Fresh

February 6, 2010

Having seen the movie three or four times over the years, I decided I wouldn’t see the Springer Production of “Inherit the Wind.”  After attending the evolution versus creationism debate at Springer, I changed my mind.  Then, on learning that Ledger-Enquirer Editorial Page Editor Dusty Nix was playing the judge, I was looking forward to seeing what the Springer could do with the famous play. 

I was impressed.  When going to see an amateur production, I’m ready to make allowances and not expect a lot. No allowances were needed. The production was good, full of life.  As far as Dusty playing the judge is concerned, he nailed it.

The prologue in the program announces that the play is not history. It’s drama. That was true.  The play is nowhere near an accurate portrayal of the Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925.  However, it is obviously “based” on that trial.

Scopes knew he would go on trial because he had been approached by the ACLU to be the defendant to test the Tennessee law that banned the teaching in public schools that man was a product of evolution.  At the end of the trial, Clarence Darrow asked the judge to direct the jury to find Scopes guilty.  He was interested in the appeal, which he partially won.  The Tennessee Supreme Court remanded the trial on a technicality.  Scopes didn’t have to pay the $100 fine and the retrial was never held, and the law remained on the books until 1967 when it was repealed.   And the battle between the evolutionists and creationists continues; however, evolution is probably taught in most high school science classes.  The scientific community overwhelmingly supports the theory of evolution.