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It’ll All be Over Tuesday Night … Maybe

November 2, 2008


Early voting at Columbus Public Library

Early voting at Columbus Public Library

 Finally, it will all be over Tuesday night. We will have elected a new president. That could be wishful thinking. In fact, there is the unsettling chance that it is just that. The specter of the Florida debacle in 2000 remains vivid to a lot of us. 

  Because of a record of past discrimination against African American voters, Georgia elections are still under U.S. Justice Department jurisdiction. For that reason, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, a Republican, cited that fact when Democrats requested that voting be continued over the weekend.  She said she had no right to authorize that.

   The NAACP complained to her that not enough voting machines are being placed in African American precincts to accommodate the overwhelming turnout of black voters.  Handel said she doesn’t control that; counties decide where the machines will go. 

  Batteries of lawyers are going to be placed in the polling places Tuesday, some Republicans, some Democrats, and a group of lawyers not representing either party. In other words, everybody is gearing up for a lot of legal activity which is a clue that the election outcome may very well not be known by midnight Tuesday.

  Let’s hope this one is not in doubt. Americans need to be able to trust that our elections are legitimate. Over the years there have been plenty of examples of countries that have had elections that meant nothing. They were – some still are  – ruled by dictators and/or oligarchies.  Can that happen here?