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And You Can Quote Me When I Say…

March 6, 2013

For some reason I am having a hard time deciding what subject I should entertain for a new post.  I know there is plenty to talk about.  For instance, I could weigh in  on the sequester thing.

Well, all right, I  will.

I’m sure there is plenty of waste in federal spending.  Of course, just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one politician’s waste is another one’s necessity.

Perhaps the greatest waste in Congress is Congress.

I guess another subject I could tackle would be Jon Stewart’s decision to take four months off to direct a movie about a journalist being imprisoned in Iran.  The Daily Show is something I enjoy daily and I’m sure will still enjoy it while he is gone.  John Oliver will probably do a fine job as fill-in host.  I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just substitute a host when Jon was on vacation, especially since he was   on vacation so often.

Then there’s the weather to talk about, and the networks have really been talking about it a lot.  So, it’s snowing in D.C., so it’s always snowing in D.C. where we get snow jobs year round.

You really want to get some idea of what’s going on in our nation’s capital? Go to C-SPAN.  There you get it unfiltered, instead of what some news editor decides you should get.   It’s sort of like reading the Bible yourself and not just getting it interpreted by some cleric. In both cases, some of it will astound you.

Hyping Disaster

August 29, 2011

It was hard for me to believe that  television news outlets were being so hysterical when reporting on Hurricane Irene.   When something is exciting all a reporter has to do is report what is happening, he or she doesn’t have to make it exciting.  As I watched one report I thought, well, that focuses the problem quite well. The reporter was almost apologizing because the wind was not howling when she was on camera.  She even said that it had been strong before the anchors cut to  her, but it seemed every time they did, there was a calm.  In other words, she knew that she wasn’t delivering on the hype that preceded her report and felt she needed to explain.

Yes, the hurricane took lives and caused a lot of damage and the flooding is still causing damage, but reporters shouting to the tops of their lungs and doing everything  they could to make their reports exciting was an embarrassment to broadcast journalism.  I have had people tell me over the years that they liked getting their  news from someone was calm in the face of disasters or pending disasters. Guess the news folks of today don’t view it that way.

2010 Yearender

December 26, 2010

My son Rick's backyard, Cumming, GA

 With just a few days left in 2010, it’s time to look back at the highlights of the year.

At the top of my list right now, though it is certainly not the top story of the year, is the fact that parts of Georgia had a rare white Christmas. The picture above was sent to me Christmas day by my son Rick to show that, indeed, folks in the Atlanta area were experiencing a snowy Christmas day. This is the first Atlanta white Christmas in more than a hundred years, I learned on CBS Sunday Morning, one of the best programs on television. It was also reported that it is the first white Christmas in Birmingham in recorded history.

Snow in the South is usually welcomed because of the novelty.  It’s usually not around long enough to present much of a problem. People who live where it’s not a novelty don’t appear to welcome it all that much. After a few days of snowball fights, fashioning snowmen, and sledding down hills, a lot of them must make plans to move South, because there has been a huge migration into the South over the years. When I worked in Atlanta in 1957, the metropolitan area population clock showed a million people. Now, it’s more than 5 million and growth continues.

As I said, this tops my 2010 list because it is happening right now. We had a little snow in Columbus yesterday, and I have seen a few tiny snowdrops today.

Between now and New Years Day, I’ll be taking a look at the 2010 events that have stood out with me.

I am also interested in your thoughts about the top events of 2010.  Just click the “Comment” button below and tell us, if you like.

It’s Warmer in Juneau, Alaska Than in Columbus, GA

January 9, 2010

At 9:48 a.m. EST, January 9, 2010, it is warmer in Juneau, Alaska than in Columbus, Georgia.  It’s 18 degrees in Columbus and 34 in Juneau.  Go figure.