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Barnes and Handel Almost Cross Paths at Columbus Airport

July 19, 2010

Karen Handel arrives at Columbus Airport

The general aviation terminal at Columbus Airport was a political stump today as candidates flew in to get day-before-election news coverage.  Two front-runners for governor, Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Karen Handel almost crossed paths at the airport.  

Roy and Mrs. Barnes arrive at Columbus Airport

Republcian gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel, with supporter Josh McKoon, who's running for GA Sen. Dist. 29

She arrived from Macon a little early, and he arrived from Albany a little late.  She wants to fix things economically by, for one thing,  relying less on income taxes and more on sales taxes.  He wants to raise billions by cutting out tax exemptions for special interests like insurance companies, saying schools need the money, that education is the key to Georgia’s future. 

Mrs. Barnes, Roy Barnes, and supporter, Columbus Mayor Jim Wetherington

Whereas the question among pundits was “who will be in the runoff with John Oxindine?” it’s now who will be in the runoff with Karen Handel, who said the latest poll shows her ahead by 11 points.  On the Democratic side, the polls are showing a win without a runoff.  The two could be facing each other in November.