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Taking Philosphical Stock: Firepower says the Problem is Lack of Education and Literacy

December 27, 2011

Firepower – that’s his online nom de plume – offered such a well-written and thoughtful comment to the previous Dick’s World post that I decided to also run it as a featured post.

I’d offer a lack of education and literacy as a great deterrence to any advancement of world peace.  When we look at the countries that are troublesome in this world, most of them are led (and I do mean led) like a herd of cows.  Most 3rd world country inhabitants have a high percentage of people that can barely read, or can read at all.  Thus, they listen to leaders, many of whom are clerics, and they believe every word they’re being told.

We, in the US, are quite often the same way, though it’s not entirely due to illiteracy.  If main stream media says something enough, literally millions will believe it, right or wrong.  Many do not take the time to verify what they’re hearing to determine for themselves if it’s correct or not.

I saw an interview during the ’08 election where the individuals were asked where they received their news.  A bunch of them said, “Jon Stewart”!!!!  He’s a comedian, for Christ’s sake!!!!  Some things can be extracted as news or the truth, but it’s still a show for comedy’s sake.

I’m a Christian, but just because a preacher stands in a pulpit and says something doesn’t make it true.  Quite the opposite, I’ve found.

Look at teachers and some of the agendas they have.  Recently, my grand-daughter was introduced to “green” philosophy at school.  One of the things discussed was “saving a pumpkin”!!!!  The only way to save a pumpkin is to not plant it!!!!!  Then the same teacher went on and on about how bad the petroleum industry was…..not counting on how she was able to operate the air conditioner in her room, lights she was using or even how she got to school in the first place!!!

World peace?  Not until the earth is cleansed of people who DO NOT want to get along OR have an agenda far from what most people want.  We’re too many and too varied in our beliefs and customs to avoid these conflicts.  We just have to deal with what confronts us at the time.

Hell, our congress can’t even agree on anything!